Expertise, willingness to listen and honesty

Tom has been very thorough providing us valuable information around available and upcoming homes in our target area. He was very responsive to take us through many, many, many homes so we could figure out what we really wanted in our home. It has been an interesting process because Tom was not  about just trying to sell us a home due to the fact he would point out all issues with homes to make sure we were well informed upfront around a specific home. I always thought a realtor would just want to push and make a quick sale but Tom was completely different. He never pushed for us to make a quick decision but rather had us really think about each property. After many months of searching, visiting and evaluating properties we found the right choice for our family for many years into the future at the best price possible. We truly appreciated Tom’s expertise, willingness to listen, and his honesty around his thoughts on every property we wanted to see.